School and Sports Physicals

Do you need a pediatrician in Lone Tree, CO for a school or sports physical exam for your child?

Children and teenagers often require a physician to complete a pre-participation physical exam for school admission, sports and camps.  The goal is for the pediatrician to determine if it is safe for your child to participate in the specified activity.

These physicals typically consist of 3 parts:

  1. Medical History
  2. Physical Exam
  3. Completion of paperwork

These physical exams, while seemingly routine, can often uncover important health conditions and risk factors that may not otherwise be known.  The pediatrician will also assess other factors, such as past medical history, family history, allergies (food, insects, etc.), medications, and nutritional supplements that your child may be taking (especially important in teens).

By combining a detailed medical history with a thorough physical exam, your pediatrician can help your child avoid serious illness or injury while at school or participating in sports.

IMPORTANT: Please bring all the necessary forms with you to your visit.

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