Newborn Care

newborn pediatrician in lone treeNeed a pediatrician in Lone Tree for your newborn? 

At Lone Tree Pediatrics, we are always excited to welcome babies born at any area hospital or birthing center to our practice.

If your baby is born at Skyridge Medical Center or Littleton Adventist, one of our pediatricians will examine your baby and visit you each day in the hospital to answer any questions you may have and discuss your newborn’s care with you.  If your baby is born at another hospital, their staff pediatricians will care for you and your newborn during your stay in the hospital.

Please request full discharge records when you leave so that when we see you and your baby for their first visit, we will know all the details necessary to provide a smooth transition. It’s best to contact our office while you are still in the hospital, during business hours, and schedule your newborn’s first visit with a pediatrician. We prefer to see them 1-2 days after you are discharged to check your newborn’s weight and to address any possible issues, such as feeding difficulties or jaundice.

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