Yet Still More Benefits of Breast Feeding

breast feeding benefitsMost people have heard that “breast is best” when it comes to infant feeding. Two new studies published in the Journal of Pediatrics looked at whether the benefits of breast feeding extended beyond the introduction of solid foods.

One study looked at over 1,000 6 year olds and compared rates of ear, throat and sinus infections between those who had been breast fed for greater than 9 months versus those who had not. In the breast fed group there was a 31% lower risk of ear infections, 32% fewer throat infections and 53% fewer sinus infections!

The second study looked at food allergy risk. It found that exclusive breast feeding for at least 4 months cut the risk of food allergy in half! Unfortunately, the protective effect did not extend to high risk families, such as those with a history of food allergy. But it is good news for those low-risk populations.

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