Winter Woes Not Over—Fever, Your Child, and Your Lone Tree Pediatrician

It’s nearly February. The winter season will soon end. However, that doesn’t mean you can put your feet up—the weather is still very cold, which means that “sick season” is still in full force. Infections spread more quickly in the cold months because people congregate inside and germs are spread more easily. Now’s not the time to relax and be caught off your guard. If your child awakens in the middle of the night looking flushed and feeling all hot and sweaty, he may be coming down with a fever. You should bring that fever down and make your child feel better as soon as possible.


When fevers aren’t a cause for worry

Fevers are enough to make any concerned parent panic—it can be utterly scary when a child appears sick and miserable when running a very high fever. However, it is important to remember that fever actually helps the child fight off infections, and a slight fever isn’t enough reason to rush your child to a Lone Tree pediatrician. The need to do so will depend on your child’s age, intensity of the fever, and the symptoms that accompany it.

How to tell if your baby’s fever is serious

The seriousness of your baby’s fever will rely on how old he is. If he is under three months old, a temperature of 100.4ºF should have you concerned. If he is between three and six months, be worried if his fever reaches 101ºF. If over six months, a fever at 102-103ºF or higher will be the time to call a physician.

A thermometer reading isn’t all there is

Your child’s thermometer reading isn’t the only way to tell if his fever is serious. Behavior can also be an indication. If the fever prevents your child from playing or feeding normally, that may be a cause for alarm. Sleepiness, listlessness, irritability, and excessive crying are other signs that you should watch out for.

Should you call your pediatrician?

As the child’s parent, you’re the best judge of whether your baby’s fever is really out of the ordinary. To be on the safe side, don’t hesitate to call your Lone Tree pediatrician even if his thermometer reading doesn’t quite reach the temperature levels listed above.

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