Tips from a Pediatrician: What to Expect from Early Pediatric Visits

New parents in Lone Tree, Colorado are often surprised at how frequently they need to take their newborn to the pediatrician. Most parents will make more visits to the pediatrician during the first year of their child’s life than they will at any other time. Parents should take advantage of these early doctor visits. If at all possible, both parents should attend the visits. This way, the parents get the opportunity to know the pediatrician, and the pediatrician can learn something about them.

Tips from a Pediatrician

A pediatrician in Lone Tree is able to provide more than just medical answers. They are trained in general childcare, and so they can provide parents with much-needed assistance. It is a good idea for parents to jot down some of the questions they have for the pediatrician prior to visiting so that they do not forget anything.

What to Expect from a Visit to the Pediatrician

A pediatrician is going to be concerned about the growth of your child. Usually, one of the first things the pediatrician will do is undress the child and put them on an infant scale. Their length will be measured as well as the size of their head. All of this information is put on a graph that will help both the parents and the pediatrician monitor the infant’s growth and compare it to what is normal for a child of their age.

A pediatrician is going pay special attention to the way the child’s head is forming. For the first couple of months, the soft spots in the head will be open. However, as the child reaches around three months of age, the spot at the back of the head should close. By time the child is two years of age, the soft spots in the front should also be closed.

Pediatricians will use an otoscope to examine the ear canal and the eardrum of your newborn. They can see if there is a fluid buildup or an infection in the ear. Pediatricians will get feedback from the parents about whether or not the child is responding normally to sound. If a problem is suspected, formal hearing test may be performed.

Pediatricians will check the child’s eyes, mouth, heart, and lungs for any abnormalities or early signs of defects. The information they gather during these early visits is an important part of helping the newborn grow into a healthy toddler.


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