Qualities to Look for in a Pediatrician

Choosing a new pediatrician is a challenge. You want someone you’ll be able to trust, especially since they will be handling your child’s health. If they don’t seem trustworthy, their ability to help you will be negatively affected.

There are a number of qualities to look for when choosing your pediatrician. If you can find the following attributes during your first visit, then you have found a good physician for your family.

Qualities of Lone Tree Pediatrician

They Listen

A physician who won’t listen to you or who disregards your concerns won’t be a good fit for your family. After all, you know your children best, and if you have a concern, it’s on them to help you out. If it turns out something isn’t as serious as you thought, they should be able to clearly explain why that’s the case.

Look for a pediatrician in Lone Tree who listens carefully to your concerns and responds in an understanding way. If something about your child is really worrying you, their task is to put your mind at ease and help your child.


Probably more than anything else, you must feel comfortable around your pediatrician. If you feel uneasy around them, so will your children.

You need to feel comfortable asking them questions, including the hard ones that you might not want to ask. If you constantly find yourself leaving their office wishing you’d asked about that one thing, you might want to consider a different doctor.


Good doctors know their stuff. Not only do they know how to perform various medical-related tasks, they should also strive to be familiar with your family. After all, a pediatrician works with people, so knowing you and your children is vital to their ability to help you.

A knowledgeable Lone Tree pediatrician is also one who is in constant pursuit of new information. They should be current on what’s going on in their field, including new research and procedures. They should also be able to communicate that information to you when it’s needed.

Fellow Parents

A pediatrician who is a parent will be far more familiar with what you’re going through. They understand your concerns on a level that non-parents won’t, and they’ll be more prepared to help you through them.


How quickly does your doctor return calls? When you walk into their office, how do you feel? More importantly, how do your children feel?

The best doctors make sure your family feels welcome in their practice. This often means going above and beyond their duties as a healthcare provider. Good, prompt communication, a warm, inviting atmosphere, and friendly, courteous staff all indicate that each visit to their office will be a positive one.

They Really Care

More than anything, great doctors care—they really care. They give you the time you need, they listen to your concerns, they make sure you understand what’s going on, and they strive to do everything to help. They work with your children on an individual basis. Put simply, they are there for you and your family.