Pediatrician Tips: The Danger of Common Household Items To Your Child

Children, most particularly toddlers, can be a handful. They like to explore their surroundings, and would most likely put to their mouth anything that they can lay their little hands on. While this might look cute for most people, this can actually bring about a number of health hazards – from choking to infection and risk for a number of diseases. That being the case, here is what your pediatrician has to say.

Do Not Leave Your Medications Lying Around

Certain medications, while harmless to adults, may pose a threat to your toddler. Some of these would include iron supplements, analgesics, and cough medications. In most cases, an overdose of these items can result to nausea, vomiting and internal bleeding; and, yes, that would it include your Vicks.


Mouthwash Can Be Harmful

While your Lone Tree pediatrician would tell you that mouthwash is good for keeping your toddler’s breath fresh, downing five ounces or more can cause seizures and brain damage as well as coma to very young children. Keep in mind that most mouthwashes come with alcohol as well as hydrogen peroxide.

Antique Furnitures Can Spell Disaster

Having antique furniture pieces might get you that classic and homey look you are after but it can be dangerous to your little one. Your pediatrician in Lone Tree would most likely tell you that most antique furniture pieces make use of lead-based paint. Since most toddlers like to put bits and pieces in their mouth, there is a huge possibility that your little one would ingest paint chips. This, in turn, could lead to lead poisoning. You have to remember that lead poisoning can produce long-term neurological damage to your child.

Too Much Toothpaste Can Be Bad For Your Kid

Most toothpaste tubes come with a warning to use pea-size only when brushing teeth. This is not without reason as too much ingested toothpaste, particularly fluoride, can cause severe stomach cramps in your children as well as intestinal blockage and heart attack. Now, since this is the case, you need to make sure that you do not leave your child alone when he or she is brushing her teeth.

Solutions to the Problem

The best way to ensure these problems do not happen, make sure that you keep small items away from the reach of your child. It is also important to always keep an eye on your little one. Keep in mind that the minute you take your eyes off of them, you might not be able to notice them putting really small and dangerous items inside their mouth.


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