Of Parenting and Pediatrician Care: What to Expect in Becoming a Dad

You’re counting down the days until you become a dad. No one needs to tell you that when it happens, your life will be forever changed. Expectant mothers face a variety of feelings and life changes, but future dads have their own emotions and concerns as well. A recent Huffington Post article offers a few tips on what to expect to keep things in perspective.

Of Parenting and Pediatrician Care What to Expect in Becoming a Dad

Parenting responsibilities are far from equal.

It’s your responsibility to change the diapers and feed the baby today, but you’re completely exhausted. Your spouse wants to take your place, but you shouldn’t let her. Once you’re the designated person, you can’t simply drop your responsibilities like the other people in your baby’s life. It’s a harsh reality, but it’s one you need to accept as early as possible: parenting is not as evenly distributed as you think it should be.

Vacations will never be the same.

Expect your future vacations to be sparse, more expensive, include a lot more people, and go completely off-plan at any moment. Don’t let these downsides keep you from going on a vacation with your family, though. More often than not, “bad” vacations are the ones that create lasting memories. Although beaches and blue skies are wonderful, vacations gone wrong are often what remind parents of what’s really important.

Parenting ages you.

When you have an infant to take care of, you won’t have enough sleep, you’ll look tired all the time, and you’ll look older. Still, no matter how many new wrinkles, stretch marks, or love handles you endure, you’ll never be so happy about lack of sleep and looking old in your entire life.

You’ll need all the help you can get.

You and your spouse can’t take care of your baby alone. You’re going to need the help of friends, families, and, most especially, health professionals like a pediatrician, to know how to care for your baby and keep him or her in good health.

Pediatricians in Lone Tree

You need to schedule your child with a pediatrician for well-child visits. The purpose of these visits is to monitor your baby’s growth and development, and for you to have your questions answered. In Lone Tree, you can take your child to trusted pediatric practices like Lone Tree Pediatrics.



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