Lone Tree Pediatrician: Tips to Keep Your Baby Healthy During Winter

The snowy season is in full swing, which means it’s the cold and flu season, too. The littlest Coloradoans could get sick easily amid the cold weather, and any bacterial or viral infection could manifest as a fever together with cough, colds, and overall discomfort.

Fever or Chills

Aside from being warm to the touch, your infant may get fussy, cry or appear sleepy, and have a poor appetite. These signs require medical attention and possibly, medications, which can be prescribed by your pediatrician. Some infants may have a fever (typically 38º C or 100.4º F rectal temperature) but still look comfortable and alert, feed well, and urinate normally. In these cases, the infants can be managed at home with frequent feeding, rehydration solutions, sponge baths, and rest, as advised by a physician.

Important: If your infant is less than 4 months old, you need to call your pediatrician immediately for fevers over 38º C or 100.4º F, as this can be a sign of serious illness.

To prevent fever recurrences, ward off other sicknesses, and keep your baby cozy and healthy this winter season, keep in mind the following Lone Tree pediatrician tips:

Practice proper hand washing routines.

Make sure you properly wash your baby’s hands and your hands to prevent the transmission of cold and flu germs. You especially need to do this before and after changing your baby’s diapers, preparing his/her milk and food, and wiping dribbles or a runny nose. Make sure that others in contact with the child, such as siblings and other caregivers, wash their hands accordingly, too.

Naturally boost your baby’s immunity through optimal nutrition.

Be mindful of the cleanliness and nutritive factors of the baby’s diet. Breast milk naturally strengthens his/her defenses against sickness, but formula, milk, and other food (whichever applies to your baby) can sufficiently boost immunity, too. If the baby is already eating mashed or solid foods, make sure he/she consumes complete nutrients through balanced meals, which you could discuss further with the pediatrician.

Update your baby’s flu shot and other vaccinations.

Protect your child from severe diseases, such as the flu, with vaccines (flu shots should be given annually for children 6 months and older). Don’t take your chances refusing or delaying other recommended immunizations, too, so your child can be effectively safeguarded from preventable illnesses. An experienced pediatrician in Lone Tree, like the ones in Lone Tree Pediatrics, can guide you on the proper vaccination schedule, administer the shots, and provide other medical advice for your baby’s health and for your peace of mind.

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