Lone Tree Pediatrician: How to Prepare Your Child for a Medical Visit

When informed that they are going to the doctor, some children would instantly become worried and apprehensive about the visit. Regardless of the reason they’re going to see their primary Lone Tree pediatrician—a sickness, a special problem, or just a routine exam—some kids are prone to fears and anxieties. The bad news is that these could be detrimental to the child’s overall health.

In addition to fear, some kids may also feel a sense of guilt. They might believe that their sickness or condition is a punishment for something they did or neglected to do. Kids who have these guilt feelings are susceptible to believing that the examinations and medical procedures are part of their punishment, and that, too, can be harmful in itself.

Take a look at what a child’s fear of the doctor can potentially mean for you with this example from U.S. News:

Four-year-old Cyrus Reed hates having his ears checked – and he’s not shy about showing it. When the otoscope comes out, the yelling begins. “He screams from start to finish,” says Melissa Reed, a Dallas mother of two. While the pediatrician examines her son, she says, “It takes the two of us to just about lie on top of him.” And during visits to the pediatric ear, nose and throat specialist, it only gets worse, Reed says. “I can tell that what Cyrus does is extreme.”

What to Do If Your Child Is Afraid of the Doctor

To prevent such instances from happening, you need to help your child understand the importance of visiting a pediatrician. Here are some tips:

Explain the purpose of the visit

If the appointment is for a regular check-up, explain that it’s just a routine visit and it needs to be done to keep him healthy. You can tell him the step-by-step process on how the doctor would check his growth and development. You need to stress that other kids also go to the doctor for such visits. If the visit is to diagnose or treat a condition, you need to explain to him that the visit is all about making him feel better.

Address his guilt

If guilt is the source of his anxiety, you need to reassure your child that the visit is not a form of punishment, that illnesses happen to kids, and how lucky he is to have a doctor that will help him get well. If you’ve had the same illness before, share your experience. Knowing you went through the same thing may be of great help to him.

In any case, know that a proficient Lone Tree pediatrician like the ones at Lone Tree Pediatrics will work hand-in-hand with you to make sure your child feels comfortable and receives the best care possible.

(Source: What to Do If Your Child Is Afraid of the Doctor US News, Jul. 22, 2014)

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