Is It a Concussion or Just a Bonk on the Head?

childhood concussion symptomsThere is a lot of ongoing research about concussions. One of the confusing things about concussion is that there is not a strict definition currently used by physicians. In fact there are currently about 40 different definitions of concussion that have been devised by “expect panels.”

Recently the Journal of Neurosurgery published the top 4 signs of concussion to look for in the first 48 hours after a head injury. They are as follows:

  1. Disorientation or confusion immediately after the event
  2. Impaired balance within first 24 hours
  3. Slower reaction time within first 48 hours
  4. Difficulty with learning or memory in the first 48 hours

If you suspect any of the above you should be checked out for a concussion!

At Lone Tree Pediatrics, all our providers are trained in recognizing and managing concussion. We refer to one of our local concussion centers if the concussion is especially severe or prolonged. Research shows that on average most symptoms resolve within one week, but it can be much longer and worse the more concussions that your child suffers.

So be careful, wear helmets and proper safety gear, and come see us if your child might have suffered a concussion.

About Debra Berry

Dr. Debra Berry is a board-certified pediatrician in Lone Tree, Colorado providing comprehensive pediatric care at Lone Tree Pediatrics. Her primary goal as a physician is to help each of her patients live a healthy life and grow into a happy productive adult.