Lone Tree Pediatrician Helps to Gear Kids Up for Summer Camp

There are many reasons why kids in Lone Tree, Colorado look forward to summer. They get to go to local attractions, amusement parks, pools, mountains, and they get to attend summer camp where they meet new friends, learn new things, and have fun. However, camp life is not all roses as the environment can make kids prone to health problems. The American Academy of Pediatrics explains:

“Illnesses and conditions that commonly affect camp life should be considered for inclusion in protocols for treatment by camp health providers, including:

● fever
● conjunctivitis
● upper respiratory tract infections
● otitis externa and otitis media
● streptococcal pharyngitis and sore throat
● vomiting and diarrhea
● asthma, anaphylaxis, and allergy management, including food allergies
● skin infections: impetigo, fungal infections, abscesses
● lice and scabies
● contact dermatitis, including poison ivy and poison oak
● insect bites, stings, and tick exposure
● common injuries, head injury and concussion
● heat- or cold-related illness”

Still, while summer camp organizers make sure they have reliable healthcare practitioners onsite or a trusted Lone Tree pediatrician on call, this doesn’t mean that parents shouldn’t do their share in ensuring their children’s good health. Summer camp preparedness should begin right at home, and here are a few tips for parents of summer camp-bound kids:

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Prevention is key.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is something that parents should always keep in mind. When it comes to prevention, up-to-date vaccination shots from a caring pediatrician in Lone Tree help kids build immunity. Pediatrics practices like Lone Tree Pediatrics can provide the recommended vaccines for kids who are going to summer camp, including tetanus, pertussis, meningitis, hepatitis A, MMR, and varicella (chicken pox).

Stock up on medical supplies.

Just as no soldier should go into battle without the proper equipment, no child should be whisked away to summer camp without the essential medical supplies, such as inhalers and nasal sprays for those prone to asthma attacks and other respiratory conditions. Parents should also pack essentials like bug sprays and sunscreen.

Choose the right summer camp.

Summer camps are a part of many kids’ lives, and since most kids yearn to spend time at summer camp, it would be wise for parents to choose a summer camp they trust. Choosing one that’s inspected by the Department of Health on a yearly basis and accredited by the American Camp Association can save parents some worrying about their kids’ health.

Getting a kid ready for summer camp means overseeing his or her health. Camp officials provide medical professionals onsite, but the preparation work should begin with the parents.

(Source: Creating Healthy Camp Experiences, pediatrics.aappublications.org)

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