Tips from a Pediatrician: What to Expect from Early Pediatric Visits

New parents in Lone Tree, Colorado are often surprised at how frequently they need to take their newborn to the pediatrician. Most parents will make more visits to the pediatrician during the first year of their child’s life than they will at any other time. Parents should take advantage of these early doctor visits. If […]

Back-to-School Tips from a Pediatrician for Keeping Children Healthy

Returning to school is an exciting time for kids and their parents in Lone Tree, Colorado. Children are completing their summer vacations and getting back to the routine of classes, schoolwork and homework. Although germs can be easily spread at schools from child to child, parents can take certain measures to prevent their children from […]

Advice of a Lone Tree Pediatrician: Protect Your Child’s Vision Early

If you’ve ever wondered how an infant sees the world, you’re not alone. Recently, scientists in Sweden and Norway attempted to answer the question by producing moving images of adult faces expressing different emotions and filtering out any visual information that newborn infants can’t process. What they filtered out, they based on previous studies that […]

Of Parenting and Pediatrician Care: What to Expect in Becoming a Dad

You’re counting down the days until you become a dad. No one needs to tell you that when it happens, your life will be forever changed. Expectant mothers face a variety of feelings and life changes, but future dads have their own emotions and concerns as well. A recent Huffington Post article offers a few […]