Meeting School Immunization Expectations

Keeping up with necessary childhood immunizations is vital both for the child’s safety and the safety of those whose immune systems are too weak to be able to be immunized themselves. However, with all of the different acronyms across various immunizations, many parents do not even know what they are. It can also be difficult […]

Flu Season is Coming!

Flu season is upon us again! Or at least flu vaccination season is here. Hopefully flu will hold off for a little while. Recommendations this year are not too different from in the past, but here are some important points for the 2015-2016 flu season. The vaccination composition has changed from last year. Vaccine effectiveness […]

What to Know About Delayed Immunization Schedules

As a pediatrician, I am frequently asked this question at my “meet the doctor” visits. In fact, if the question is not brought up by a parent, I usually bring it up myself because I know a lot of parents are hearing mixed reports on this topic. My answer to this question is that I’m […]