Reading to your child is important. Now there’s proof!

Good news for parents! We’ve all heard that you should read to your kids.  As a pediatrician and a mother, I have always recommended it. Now there’s medical evidence that reading with your preschooler actually helps their brain to prepare for better reading skills later in life. Dr. John Hutton studied 19 preschoolers aged 3-5 […]

Lone Tree Pediatrician Tips: Observing and Managing Fever in Babies

Fever is common among newborns, babies, and even older children. The causes run a wide gamut, which can make it challenging for any parent to pinpoint the exact nature of the problem. Fortunately, you can trust a Lone Tree pediatrician to identify the cause and severity of the fever and effectively manage it.

Join Dr. Berry for a Fun Run!

Lone Tree Pediatrics is excited to be sponsoring the Columbine Classic at Aurora Reservoir on May 3. There will be a kid’s Fun Run before the race.  For older kids and adults, there are two options: 4 mile race or 8 mile race. Event Details: DATE: Sunday May 3, 2015 LOCATION: at Aurora Reservoir DISTANCES: […]

Ask a Lone Tree Pediatrician Before Giving Your Child Supplements

A word on vitamin supplements. They’re called “supplements” for a reason. Some pediatricians say these supplements aren’t always necessary, particularly if a child is getting a well-balanced diet. Under normal conventions, a kid’s plate should contain a half-serving of veggies, a quarter-serving of starch, and a quarter-serving of meat, along with a glass of milk […]

As Measles Return, a Lone Tree Pediatrician Urges Getting Immunized

In the opening days of 2015, seven states—all in the western half of the country—reported an outbreak of measles. Authorities believed it stemmed from the recent outbreak in Disneyland, putting California at the heart of the outbreak itself. Colorado is one of the seven affected states, although with only one case to date.