Lone Tree Pediatrics Welcomes Dr. Lisa Haynes to the Practice

Lone Tree Pediatrics is so excited to have pediatrician Dr. Lisa Haynes on board! She will start seeing patients on October 1, 2015. In the meantime, appointment slots are available to schedule appointments. Dr. Haynes joins Lone Tree Pediatrics as a board-certified pediatrician with nearly 15 years of experience, including practicing most recently in Littleton, CO. […]

Don’t Self-Medicate! Consult a Pediatrician to Manage a Child’s Coughs

With all the elements that summer brings, coughs can become more troubling during this season. The hot and dry weather can be so uncomfortable already, and when you develop a hacking cough accompanied by cold symptoms, it can be difficult to focus on anything or to get a restful sleep. It’s even more concerning when […]

Of Parenting and Pediatrician Care: What to Expect in Becoming a Dad

You’re counting down the days until you become a dad. No one needs to tell you that when it happens, your life will be forever changed. Expectant mothers face a variety of feelings and life changes, but future dads have their own emotions and concerns as well. A recent Huffington Post article offers a few […]

Pediatrician in Lone Tree Discusses DTaP Vaccines and Their Benefits

It is rather alarming to note that Colorado is listed among the states with the lowest immunization rates throughout the country. The state’s non-medical exemption rate of 4.6 percent is far from the national average of 1.8, which means children here might be more at risk of getting sick or spreading vaccine-preventable diseases. The exemption […]

Eating Right for Nursing Moms

I was asked recently about fish oil supplementation and vitamins during lactation and thought this might be an area of interest for other nursing moms. There are actually several nutrient needs that are increased in lactating women. One obvious one is increased calories. You need extra daily calories to make breast milk based on the […]