Making Sure Your Child is in Top Shape for Their Routine Child Care Visit

Your child’s pediatrician should not only be seeing your child when he or she is sick or when you have a concern. A routine child care visit, also known as a well-child visit, is an exam that checks the basic health and development of a child. These checkups occur very often during infancy and continue […]

Meeting School Immunization Expectations

Keeping up with necessary childhood immunizations is vital both for the child’s safety and the safety of those whose immune systems are too weak to be able to be immunized themselves. However, with all of the different acronyms across various immunizations, many parents do not even know what they are. It can also be difficult […]

4 Times When Your Child May Need Urgent Pediatric Care

Having children provides a huge source of happiness for people, but there are times when it can be stressful. In their early ages, children are at risk from various diseases as well as trips and falls as they become more and more inquisitive. Most of the time, there is nothing to worry about, but it […]

What Happens During a Sports Physical for Children?

Millions of young children play sports in the United States at least once in their lives, if not for many years. With participation in organized sports inevitably comes the sports physical exam, which can be done by any pediatrician group, to ensure each child is healthy enough to participate. If your child needs a sports […]

The Surprising History of Pediatric Service Around the World

Physicians and medical professionals have been treating ailing children for as long as they’ve been treating adults. Going back as far as 400 BC, Hippocrates wrote on topics concerning pediatric service for conditions such as asthma, clubfoot, and the mumps. Still, it wasn’t until much more recently that doctors dedicated their studies specifically to infants, […]