Is It a Concussion or Just a Bonk on the Head?

There is a lot of ongoing research about concussions. One of the confusing things about concussion is that there is not a strict definition currently used by physicians. In fact there are currently about 40 different definitions of concussion that have been devised by “expect panels.” Recently the Journal of Neurosurgery published the top 4 […]

Universal Lipid Screening. Is This Really for Kids?

Until about 2 years ago the general recommendation for pediatricians was to only check cholesterol (lipids) on certain patients, namely those with risk factors such as being overweight, or those with a positive family history of high cholesterol or early heart disease. Now that has changed! The new recommendation is to screen all children once […]

We Have Moved into Our New Office!

We are thrilled to announce that we have moved into our new office in the Aspen Building at Sky Ridge Medical Center! Our new address is: Lone Tree Pediatrics 10103 RidgeGate Pkwy #221 Lone Tree, CO 80124 Office Phone: (303) 803-1005 FAX: (303) 798-3248 E-mail: To celebrate, we will be hosting an Open House […]

Help from Your Lone Tree Pediatrician: Common Questions about Asthma

Millions of Americans suffer from asthma, a chronic medical condition that commonly occurs during early childhood or mid-adulthood. Children who have asthma often develop their first symptoms before they reach the age of 5. As with many medical conditions, genetics and environmental exposure play a role in the development of asthma.

Lone Tree Pediatrician Helps to Gear Kids Up for Summer Camp

There are many reasons why kids in Lone Tree, Colorado look forward to summer. They get to go to local attractions, amusement parks, pools, mountains, and they get to attend summer camp where they meet new friends, learn new things, and have fun. However, camp life is not all roses as the environment can make […]