The Year’s Most Interesting Pediatric Research – Autism

The top story for pediatric research in 2014 relates to Autism Spectrum Disorders, or ASD‘s. This has long been a hotbed of interest for pediatricians, especially with current estimates at 1 in 68 children with a diagnosis of ASD. This is up from just 2 years ago when the estimate was 1 in 88 children. […]

Yet Still More Benefits of Breast Feeding

Most people have heard that “breast is best” when it comes to infant feeding. Two new studies published in the Journal of Pediatrics looked at whether the benefits of breast feeding extended beyond the introduction of solid foods. One study looked at over 1,000 6 year olds and compared rates of ear, throat and sinus […]

3 Big Soda Makers Are Working Together to Fight Obesity

The 3 big soda makers are working together to fight obesity. Coca-Cola, Pepsi Co. and Dr. Pepper/Snapple have pledged to cut calorie consumption from sodas by 20% by 2025.  They are planning on doing this by promoting bottled water and diet drinks, and by decreasing portion size. Soda consumption peaked in the US in 1998 […]

New Extended Pediatric Office Hours, Including Saturdays

Announcing our new extended pediatric office hours for your convenience! Lone Tree Pediatrics is now open early evenings until 7pm on Mondays and Fridays, our two busiest days or the week.  We have also added Saturday morning office hours from 8am to 12pm. With our expansion into a bigger office space and the addition of […]

Dr. Debra Berry Describes First Day in New Office

I’m so excited about our new pediatric office space! There’s a lot more room to move around so we’re no longer stepping on each other.  It also feels more private when you’re in the exam rooms. One of my favorite things about the new office is our “newborn room.” It has a comfy nursing chair […]