Dr. Berry Receives the Vitals.com On-Time Doctor Award

Pediatrician Dr. Debra Berry just received the On-Time Doctor Award from Vitals.com for having lower wait times than the average pediatrician. The national average wait time to see a physician in the U.S. is 20 minutes, 16 seconds, whereas Vitals’ On-Time Doctor Award recipients average 11 minutes. Here is a faxed copy of a letter […]

Winter Woes Not Over—Fever, Your Child, and Your Lone Tree Pediatrician

It’s nearly February. The winter season will soon end. However, that doesn’t mean you can put your feet up—the weather is still very cold, which means that “sick season” is still in full force. Infections spread more quickly in the cold months because people congregate inside and germs are spread more easily. Now’s not the […]

Lone Tree Pediatrician: Tips to Keep Your Baby Healthy During Winter

The snowy season is in full swing, which means it’s the cold and flu season, too. The littlest Coloradoans could get sick easily amid the cold weather, and any bacterial or viral infection could manifest as a fever together with cough, colds, and overall discomfort.

Snacks: Helping or Hurting Your Child’s Diet?

The typical American diet is too high in calories and too low in vitamins and minerals. A University of Minnesota research team looked at 2-11 year old children’s diets focusing on between meal snacking. They founds that most kids are eating energy-rich (calorie-dense) foods that are low in nutrients, so their snacking is not contributing […]

Lone Tree Pediatrician: How to Prepare Your Child for a Medical Visit

When informed that they are going to the doctor, some children would instantly become worried and apprehensive about the visit. Regardless of the reason they’re going to see their primary Lone Tree pediatrician—a sickness, a special problem, or just a routine exam—some kids are prone to fears and anxieties. The bad news is that these […]