Back-to-School Tips from a Pediatrician for Keeping Children Healthy

Returning to school is an exciting time for kids and their parents in Lone Tree, Colorado. Children are completing their summer vacations and getting back to the routine of classes, schoolwork and homework. Although germs can be easily spread at schools from child to child, parents can take certain measures to prevent their children from getting colds and other viruses.

Children Playing

Wash Hands

Germs can be transmitted from person to person by mere contact with hands and touching contaminated surfaces. Children should wash their hands after coming home from school. This includes thoroughly cleaning the hands, fingers, and nails with soap and water. Washing hands should be a daily routine after school before the child begins any other activity.


It’s also helpful to give your child a hand sanitizer to use at school and while traveling from school to home. Hand sanitizer does not replace washing hands, but it can help remove some of the bacteria that a child may carry on his or her hands.

Change Clothes

Many pediatricians recommend that parents should change the clothing of young children and infants after they leave schools and childcare centers. Many young children and toddlers crawl and play on floors, which couldbring dirt and bacteria to their clothing.

Clean School Things

For any child of any age, it’s always beneficial to make sure that all clothing worn to school has been washed. Backpacks should be cleaned periodically by simply wiping the bag with a wet cloth or napkin.

Get Immunized and Take Vitamins

Keeping your child up-to-date with immunizations is one of the best ways to help your child stay healthy, and finding a pediatrician in Lone Tree, such as those from Lone Tree Pediatrics, is the first step in ensuring your child’s health and wellbeing. Additionally, taking the appropriate dosage of children’s vitamins are beneficial and can boost your child’s immune system to fight off any airborne or direct-contact viruses.

Have a Balanced Diet

Providing your child with a balanced diet of nutritious food helps to increase your child’s immunity defense against bacteria and viruses. Just giving your child a healthy dose of the five food groups will help him or her feel more energized and ready for school.

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