A Lone Tree Pediatrician Says Parents Influence Their Child’s Health

In 2010, a third of children in the US were either obese or overweight. Childhood obesity has nearly doubled during the past three decades and has tripled for adolescents. These children put themselves at greater risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes when they reach a certain age. One of the factors that may cause obesity in children is the influence of their parents.

The Importance of Parents in Shaping Their Child’s Health

Children may mimic the lifestyle and eating habits of the parents, especially during their formative years. Excessive eating of fast food, sweets, salads and junk food are bad for the child’s health. If children observe their parents consume such foods, or if their parents only feed them with these food items, they are likely to be overweight or obese and will likely carry on eating these until they are older.

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A sedentary lifestyle coupled with poor eating habits will also result in childhood obesity or excess weight. Parents who engage in physical activity such as running, hiking or any other sports will inculcate an active lifestyle in their child. Children with active parents may lead a healthier life once they reach adolescence and adulthood.

With the prevalence of mobile devices today, children may develop a sedentary lifestyle because of the entertainment easily within reach. This is when the parents must actively participate in their child’s life. Weekly sports nights, after meal walks or physical activities, walking the dog and other similar things make exercise fun and appealing.

Keeping Your Child Healthy

Some kids may have certain physical conditions that may prevent them from fully participating in certain forms of exercise. Pediatricians in Lone Tree may assess your child and determine if they are fit to participate in your child’s chosen sport. Having a trusted pediatrician to look after your kid’s health is important. A pediatrician helps you determine if your child has a condition that needs medication or therapy to enable them to live a normal and healthy life.

A holistic approach to keeping your child healthy is the best way to go. Regular exercise and proper diet go hand-in-hand to prevent your child from becoming obese or overweight. Limiting the amount of sweets and carbohydrates they eat keep their sugar intake at a low level. With help from a pediatrician in Lone Tree, you will have access to health care services and facilities, and find activities that are ideal for your child if they have a health condition caused by obesity.


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