4 Times When Your Child May Need Urgent Pediatric Care

Having children provides a huge source of happiness for people, but there are times when it can be stressful. In their early ages, children are at risk from various diseases as well as trips and falls as they become more and more inquisitive. Most of the time, there is nothing to worry about, but it is always useful to know when and where you can find urgent pediatric care.

Four Times When Your Child May Need Urgent Pediatric Care

Here are some situations when you should pay extra attention to how your child is behaving.

Ear Infections

Kids of all ages suffer from ear infections, and the symptoms often come on suddenly. If your child seems to be favoring one of their ears or is very irritable, they may be in a lot of pain. We recommend that, if you suspect that this is the case, you should call your pediatrician immediately. If the problem occurs out-of-hours, then look for a specialist urgent care clinic.

Suspected Broken Bones

The older kids get, the more they want to explore and play. This is an exciting time for them, but they often don’t have a real awareness of the world around them. As kids, we all did something silly and ended up hurt as a result. Most of the time, a bit of motherly love and a band-aid was all it took to make a swift recovery.

However, if your child is in obvious pain after a fall or a sports-related injury then it is important to get checked out immediately. It may be that it is only a sprain, but, on some occasions, it can be a more severe fracture or even a break.

The good news is that with prompt care, there should be no lasting damage.


One of the other risks associated with a child’s inquisitive nature are burns. Hands and Fingers often go where they shouldn’t which can result in a nasty surprise for the kid.

Light burns can be easily taken care of at home, but more serious burns will need to be addressed quickly so that the burn can be appropriately treated and covered.

Coughs and Fever

These two things are a sign of the immune system trying to get rid of substances in the body that it doesn’t want. Usually, this is a very normal reaction, but, with kids, we have to pay special attention.

Young children have a habit of trying to eat everything, and a cough could be a sign of a blockage. It could also be that your child has an allergy or throat infection. Either way, we would recommend quick treatment if your child is displaying a lot of discomfort and isn’t responding to conservative care.

In the case of fever, if it comes on suddenly, then it might be worth seeking urgent medical attention. This is especially the case if it is a high fever. In this situation, you should not hesitate to seek treatment.

Peace of Mind, Anytime

The above examples are just a sample of conditions that might need to be addressed quickly. If your child is in obvious discomfort or appears to be in a state-of-shock, then it is reassuring that there is someone there to assist you anytime of the day.